Benefits of Play in Early Childhood

There are many benefits of play in Early Childhood. Play is the primary mode through which children make sense of their world. It is essential to their development and well-being. Research has proved that when kids are doing things, they […]

Oral Language Development in Young Children

Oral language is the system through which we use spoken words to express knowledge, ideas, and feelings. It is comprised up of both receptive language (listening) and expressive language (speaking). Oral language development in young children is the development of […]

Sorting in Preschool

Sorting in Preschool Many people overlook the importance of sorting in preschool. They don’t realize the connection between sorting in preschool and developing long term math skills. Sorting is one of the first foundational math skills that children start to […]

Steve Spangler Science Club

STEM stand for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  STEM is more than just teaching these subjects, It is a new way of thinking about the integration of knowledge across all discipline areas.  Success in learning requires the learner to be […]

Salt Crystal Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Science and Valentine’s Day What better way to get children interested in Chemistry than to make Salt Crystal Hearts for Valentine’s Day. Children will enjoy learning about solutions, evaporation, and dissolving solids while they make salt crystal hearts for Valentine’s […]